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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Handbook GEDT Net Price Calculator


In order to apply for student financial aid such as grants and loans from the federal government, Eligible students are required to submit A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you must submit the FAFSA every year that you will be seeking financial aid.
While the FAFSA is available in both paper and electronic formats, it is highly recommended that you complete the on-line version at or by scheduling an appointment with the financial aid officer providing you with the paper version. The electronic version is generally more accurate thereby enabling you to receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) quicker provided your supply a valid email address. It is recommended that, prior to completing the FAFSA, both you and your parents (if you are dependent) obtain individual U.S Department of Education FSA ID. In Order for your financial information to be provided to Universal Training Institute, you must identify UTI by utilizing Title IV School code: 042160
When going to see the Financial Aid Officer, you should bring the following documents:
• Your 2015 Income tax and W- 2 forms
• Parent’s 2015 Income tax and W-2 forms ( if you are dependent)
• HSD or equivalent
• Proof of citizenship or Permanent Resident card
• Photo ID
• Proof of Social Security number
To make an appointment please call (732) 826-0155
Thank you,
Iren Brodskiy
Financial Aid Officer